Crafting Unforgettable Experiences 


Mission Statement

Reach One Teach One, LLC (R.O.T.O.), LLC is a faith-based ministry with the heart of service to others.  R.O.T.O. mission statement is to utilize their network to educate the future leaders of the world.  Also, R.O.T.O. aims to help other entrepreneurs grow their business by offering social medic management/marketing as well as business development management.  R.O.T.O. utilizes their network(s) to help entrepreneurs and small business owners reach their full potential. 

Social Media Marketing

Services offered: 

  • Reality Check Week 

  • LifeSkills Curriculum 


Currently, Rolonda is studying to become a Master IEP (Individual Education Plan) Coach.  She is also currently studying to become an Adjunct Professor with an expertise in healthcare, leadership, and communication. 

R.O.T.O. believes that EVERY graduating 12th grader/GED Recipient should possess certain LIFESKILLS.  Therefore, Rolonda has created a curriculum to achieve that goal.  Furthermore, she has developed an interactive program called Reality Week to educate high school students on essential LifeSkills. 

Rolonda is referred to as #TheEducationEmpress. 



Rolonda believes that “We ALL can WIN!”  And she believes that can be accomplished by showing GRACE & MERCY towards all.  Rolonda possesses over 30 years of Corporate America experience that she utilizes to assist entrepreneurs/small business owners reach their full potential.  Rolonda is a transformational leader at her core, and she utilizes her transformational leadership to help business owners achieve their goals & dreams. Rolonda utilizes her expansive network to aid in this mission. 

Business Development

Rolonda has a creative mind and an eye for thought-provoking marketing materials to engage others in conversation.  Rolonda prides herself on being a people-person (not a people-pleaser).  She is a Southern-Belle that was raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  She utilizes her southern charm to engage others around her.  She has a proven track record of increasing entrepreneur's social media presence by 150% within 60-days.  Rolonda is a Socialpreneur and she is often referred to as the #SociallySupremeSouthernBelle.